Day 25 – Audiobooks

(A repost of an article I wrote for Sisters In Bloom earlier this year.)

 I believe you’re never to old to listen to a good story.

Before you dismiss this type of book… hear me out. (pun intended) It’s possible you think you might be too busy to listen to a book; I too am a busy lady. But, if you look closely at your schedule, you might find more opportunities to listen than you originally thought:

  1. While cleaning house: This is a great chance to grab the ear-buds while you sweep, swish, and scrub!
  2. Laundry: Folding Mt. Wash-more can be…um… boring… but not when you can listen to your devotional.
  3. Alternative to TV: Instead of flipping channels find out “who- done-it” in a mystery novel. (I’m a big fan of Agatha Christie and Sir Arthur Connan Doyle.)
  4. During your kids’ nap or rest time: Do something for you and pick your type book since you might have just finished reading Big Red Barn for the 8th time… today!
  5. Working woman: What about listening on your commute? How about on your lunch break? (My husband, obviously, not a woman, used to commute 45min -1.5 hrs depending on traffic, he was a champ at powering through audiobooks.)
  6. While exercising: Do you walk or run? …such a great opportunity! You might find yourself taking another lap to resolve the cliffhanger. (I would suggest just one earbud though, no need for an accident!)
  7. Make it a family affair: Young Reader classics are enjoyable for kids and adults of all ages. In the evening, at home, while on a long road trip, or even just a trip to the grocery store, you might find your kids are asking for a’nuther chapter! If you choose to do this with just your spouse, what about listening to a family, marriage or parenting book?
  8. Other hobbies: Do you have another hobby you enjoy? Maybe you scrapbook, knit, sew, or edit photos often. Those are perfect opportunities for a story in the background!

You might find something from this list sparked an idea of how you can fit listening into your day and multi-task in the company of a good book!

HOW to listen? iPods, MP3 players, good old cd players, or your computer. Personally, I’ve found Apple devices give you the most options and are very user friendly. They also give you the option to listen at faster speeds. Which is huge for me! I can finish the book in HALF the time and still completely understand everything! (Most audiobook readers read somewhat slow.)

WHERE to find audiobooks? Libraries, and friends all have free audiobooks. is loaded with good books and even has a free book to download each month. Often, these are recently released books. and itunes have audiobooks available for purchase. You can find apps for listening on your smartphone, so you will never be caught without something to listen to!

I encourage you to find one audiobook and just try it out. You might like it more than you thought! Don’t dismiss the possibility of joining or forming a book club because you don’t “read” books… listen to them instead! (Remember your brain is a muscle. It might take some practice to get used to listening to a book. Don’t give up right away.)

Do you listen to books? What ways have you found to fit audiobooks into your schedule? Do you have a favorite audiobook? (Here are a few of my favorites. And here is my complete list of audiobooks.)  

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  • Sheila

    I love audio books, although I haven’t listened to any recently. I used to all the time before having kids, but right now my kids talk all. the. time. so whenever they’re not talking to me I prefer not to have anything else to listen to. That probably sounds awful, but it’s reality for this stage of life.

    • Sarah

      I agree! Audiobooks fits best in certain seasons of life. I think I have a season coming up where books (real or audio) might not fit into my day :-) Your season will come back, I’m sure! Until then enjoy all their chatter! :-)

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  • Duncan Faber

    We have five kids so we’re always downloading audiobooks. There’s lots of great sites to get them, but we use this one a lot because the stories are original and free.