Resources for Inspiration (Part 7)

Day 27 – Resources for Inspiration (Part 7)

My list of book club resources wouldn’t be complete without adding in Susan Wise Bauer’s The Well Educated Mind. Our book club, Broadened Horizons, has the goal and desire that members might learn and expand their knowledge through the books we choose. Not every book we read comes from a list of the great books, but the principles she gives will inspire you to read differently, better.

“Reading alone allows us to reach out beyond the restrictions of time and space to take part in what Mortimer Adler has called the “Great Conversation” of ideas that began in ancient times and has continued unbroken to the present. Reading makes us part of this Great Conversation, no matter where and when we pursue it.” ~The Well-Educated Mind

If you want to read about book about reading books THIS is the book you should read first! For the most part, you can tell how much I enjoyed a book by how much I’ve marked it up. These pages of mine are littered with notes, underlines, and highlights!

Tomorrow is part 8 of my Resources for Inspiration  here is a complete list of my resources if you’ve missed any:

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