24 weeks and alllll’s wellllll

(said like in Robin Hood, the Disney cartoon)

Bump Update:: 24 weeks

A boring pregnancy. That’s what I’ve been told over and over. BUT, I know that is a good thing. My appointments have been short and simple; Everything is on track, on schedule, normal, etc.

If you’re tempted to join the Captain Obvious Team out there who just can’t keep quiet…
~Yes, I’m “all out front” -I did noticed.
~No, that doesn’t mean it’s a boy. This is how I carried both Aaron and Lydia.
~No, it’s not twins. We are positive.
~No, I’m sure they didn’t miss a baby in there. It’s. not. twins.

I’m self-proclaimed not-good-at-being-pregnant, but working on it. Uncomfortable is hitting earlier this time 3rd time around and I haven’t been able to kick the nausea just yet -not fun, but…

I’m focusing on how so so so very thankful that my baby is healthy and doing so well. That I’ve had no complications. That maybe with the holiday’s coming up 16 weeks will go quickly. That our schedule is clear and I’m getting lots of one on one time with Aaron and Lydia. That I’m sleeping well, full nights.

I’m trying to get at least one fun thing booked on the calendar! That’s 16 fun things to look forward to! What’s on the docket so far:

Pedicure(s) maybe many :-)
girls night out
date nights
bowling date with the kids
an outlet mall shopping trip! (who want’s to join me and make a day of it?!)
continue to work on my Fall Bucket List

What other suggestions do you have for getting through the end of a pregnancy or counting down the weeks?

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  • connyh

    what a precious baby bump – glad all is boring … :)

  • http://deliberatereader.com/ Sheila

    We just watched Robin Hood yesterday, so I can absolutely hear “24 weeks and allllllll’s wellllll” easily. :)

    I think you look great! And yay for pedicures. I love those so much. :)

  • Gwynne Watkins

    I’d be up for another trip to the outlet mall. Last year’s outing was really fun. Also, don’t forget the book club Christmas party, unless that is what your are counting as “girls night out.”

    Enjoy your pedicures! They are among my favorite things. :)