2012: My Favorite Books

12 Favorites of 2012

Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day:: Start this in the morning and I’ll bet you have trouble NOT finishing it in a single day.

Quiet:: It might be my personal goal for the year to encourage more people to read this and Introverts of the Church. Such. Good. Books. (for both Introverts, Extroverts, and those who have to ever engage with other people.)

Love Does:: When I have to stop constantly and tell someone about what I’m reading, the book will always make it to my favorites list.

Anne of the Island:: Working my way through this series. Can you believe I’ve never read them before?

Grace Based Parenting:: Need some fresh parenting inspiration? Start with this book.

7:: Great message, hilarious writing, life changing. Not a typical pastors wife author in a super awesome way. Next month I’m joining Adrienne and the new Bible Study that accompanies this book: Stage Your Own Mutiny.

Les Mis:: I listened to the full unabridged version of this masterpiece. I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing the movie just yet but my sister has, twice. And after talking about it with her I’d recommending reading the book not just the fabulous movie. It sounds like for the sake of time they had to fly through some great portions of the the story.

The Lamplighter:: The book that inspired Lamplighter Ministries. Another one I couldn’t help telling people about as I read it! Haven’t read a Lamplighter book yet that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy!

Educating the WholeHearted Child:: Excellent book. Great reference!

The Well-Educated Mind:: Inspiring! So many books. So little time. I want to always be learning.

The Good Earth:: Fascinating story of a man’s life in rural, pre-revolutionary China. So, so good. Pulitzer Prize winning book.

The Great Divorce:: C. S. Lewis always wins. His writing is packed so full it can’t be read just once.

Do you agree? Are any of these on your “Favorite Books” list?

Stay tuned for some thoughts on my reading goals for 2013: the year we welcome baby #3!

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  • http://deliberatereader.com/ Sheila

    Well you know some of your books are also on my favorites list. :)

    Looking forward to reading your thoughts on your reading goals for 2013!

    • sarah ronk

      looking forward to this year of reading since I KNOW I’ll be reading less excited to hunt down the best of the best books so what I DO get a chance to read are 5 stars. (I guess that’d be another challenge I’m giving myself)

  • http://twitter.com/AnneBogel Anne Bogel

    This is such a great list! Grace-Based Parenting and The Lamplighter are ones I haven’t read, though. (Confession: I yawned my way through Love Does. Can we still be friends?)

    • sarah ronk

      I think we’ll have to be friends! I couldn’t finish A Million Miles in a Thousand Years so I think we’re even. (I’m pretty sure it was a timing thing, so I hope to pick it up again another time since so many gave it such high reviews.)

  • katie

    Wonderful! I just finished 7 and have Love Does in my stack… Of COURSE, I’m a fan of The Well-Educated Mind. Lofty and inspiring, indeed. And you’re so right about C.S. Lewis. I could reread his every year and always find more… Thank you for sharing!

    • sarah ronk

      Good luck this year with your reading! (and let me know if you ever do a Lovely Lines coffee table book with all your prints!! I love the planner but I’m such a failure at using any planner I buy, I’d be all over a ct book tho!!!)

  • Sarah Caldwell

    Great list – we DO have similiar reading tastes! I think I saw your blog first during 31 days linkup. (I thought it looked familiar :) I just finished Nichole Nordeman’s “Love Story” – it.was.divine! Her writing style is fantastic–wrote down so many quotes from it! Now finishing up “Year of Biblical Womanhood” and reading a slew of books on creativity and writing. (For my artistic life and research for my upcoming blog series, Resources for Creatives). Happy Reading!

  • Sarah K.

    Do I need to even say? Of course, the Anne series. Swoon. I will never sway, those will always be my fave’s (Anne of Windy Poplars is my fave in the series). Grace Based Parenting is fabulous as well.