2013 Reading Challenge

I’m joining my friend Sheila over at The Deliberate Reader for::


Without knowing what 2013 really has to hold it’s hard for me to make good predictions and goals. This past New Years I’ve actually made the least resolutions and goals ever, (I love setting goals!) giving myself (new to me) freedom to just BE. It’s changed me to be a much more relaxed-laid-back-Sarah. I like her.

My GoodReads goal I set for myself in 2013 is 30 books.

In 2011 I guessed I’d read 30 and read 38.
Last year I guessed I’d read 31 and read 57.

So there’s a great chance 30 books for this year will be way off, but I’m anticipating spending many more moments snuggling a little one and less curled with a book. So we shall see. (I’ve been stocking my kindle/kindle app for those chances to possibly read while nursing, but I’m not sure that’s something I can really get into. I’m a huge fan of multi-tasking, most of the time, so we’ll just have to wait and see.)

Rules for myself:
1. I’d like to read all of our book club books (I’m currently working to try to get a tad ahead.) 12 books

2. I doubt I’ll listen to as many audiobooks as last year, but I’m thinking I can fit in 6 audiobooks.

3. When Lamplighter ministries had their ebook sale over the holidays I stocked up! Hoping to read 6 Lamplighter books.

4. That leaves 6 books that I find along the way. With the chapter read aloud’s to the kids, new ebooks that are released and the other books that I’m sure will find their way to the top of my reading pile I’m think 30 total books will be something I can accomplish.

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  • http://deliberatereader.com/ Sheila

    Sounds like you’ve got a good plan to reach your 30 books! I’m curious about the Lamplighter books, so at some point I’d love to hear more about them.

    Thanks for linking up!

    • sarahronk

      I’m hoping to start my first lamplighter of the year soon… after a few more baby/pregnancy books and the next two book club books :-) but this is all subject to change based on my mood -so it could be much sooner than all that! I’ll keep you posted. Or do you have specific questions?

      • http://deliberatereader.com/ Sheila

        Nothing specific – I’m just completely unfamiliar with them so am wondering if they’d be something I’d want to read.