What I’m Into (January)

Joining up with some fellow bloggers to share a bit what’s going on with me lately…

TV & Movies:
We aren’t big tv watching fans around here. Our tv is actually on the opposite wall from the TV jack, so when we DO watch there’s a lovely cord that runs across the room. Fancy huh? :-) BUT I did watch some of the Golden Globes. (And I’ll admit I had to stop and google just exactly what they where. Actually, I just had to google which awards show it was I watched, I couldn’t remember.)

This time around I’ve had my share of pregnancy-insomnia. Usually about an hour and a half because I can watch about 3 reruns of FRIENDS. I think I know that show too well.

On netflix:
I’ve gotten a bit hooked on Warehouse 13. Reminds me some of The Pretender but more of X-Files, but not too much.
I watched ALL of DC Cupcakes while drooling a big ol puddle! Man, talk about the power of suggestion! Good thing The Flying Cupcake isn’t open at night!
I also watched My Best Friends Wedding. And wow, I didn’t realize just how long ago that movie came out! I’m old.

From The Bookshelf:
Reading has slowed at tad around here. Plenty of kids stories being read but not so many of my kind. Too much sleepiness these days. Growing a baby wears me out, I don’t get through too many pages till I’m snoozing.
I’m in the middle of 6 books. Probably the max of how many books I read/listen too at a time.
Mainly working on Sense and Sensibility for book club right now. I’m up to chapter 18 and book club is next Thursday. Time to power back up the speed!

My Life:
Pregnancy. Still on that boat. :-) Tomorrow I meet with our midwife for my 36 week appointment and next week we have our “home visit.” Which, essentially, is just the walk though of the house with the midwifes and doulas and other people who might be around for the kids. They check to be sure they know how to get here, where everything is in the kitchen and around the house and how to work the washer/dryer etc. I have almost the same birth team (except the assistant midwife) as with Lydia’s birth and am SO excited! They were fantastic last time!

Random life:
No new or funny pregnancy cravings. Just ice. Lots of crushed ice. And small meals. Very small.
Not too many shirts are long enough these days which just baffles me. I grow babies straight.out.front. to the extreme. What do tall people do?
My 3yo daughter saw an old picture of me not pregnant and exclaimed! “Mommy look no baby in your tummy! You can bend down now!” She makes me laugh!
Not traveling too many places anymore. Running out of room to fit in the van while reaching the peddles. Has this happened to others? Short-people pregnancy issues.

Around The House:
I’ve finished all (which was very little) baby prep and laundry. It’s all tiny and cute and ready and waiting! (like me, except for the tiny and cute party 😉 )

David finished the wainscotting backsplash in the kitchen and painted the walls the most awesome shade of happy green imaginable! The kitchen is by no means done (I’ve got big plans to get some more storage “in the galley”) but we are both happy to get to a nice stopping point to rest and wait before any real construction begins.

Bible Study:
I joined #HideHisWord at Do Not Depart for this session memorizing Psalm 71. We are on verse 6 this week and I’m doing pretty good! THIS is something I’m actually keeping up with despite my tendency to not be able to move or do much each day. The ScriptureTyper app is such a blessing.

I’ve also joined Adrienne over at A Suburban Menagerie for #the7experiment fast and study by Jen Hatmaker. I started a tad early to give myself a “baby buffer” and am loving it! Not sure I’ll be posting tons of updates on here, giving myself advance grace not knowing exactly how life will be with 3 littles.

My #writetheword is temporarily on hold for now. The technical difficulty of actually sitting at a table, reaching it, AND writing is near impossible. Although for short periods of time I can kneel and write. But that just might be the best position for writing the word, no?

In The Kitchen:
I’ve been busy pinning plenty of low prep and crockpot meals to make now and after the baby comes. I’m hoping to start getting some freezer meals done this week. So far, my priorities have been sweets. I have chocolate chip banana bread and oatmeal peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough all ready to go!

We’ve been making dairy kefir for about 5 years now -and believe it or not, with the.same.grains. they just keep on growin’! BUT… this month have recently switched to making greek style yogurt. I should say… my husband has. He is the master yogurt maker! The whole family is loving it! We have almost completely stopped drinking milk and cut a good deal of dairy out of our diet but still love our cow share milk as thick creamy yogurt!

On The Blog:
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  • connyh

    Excited to hear when baby is born …. and know you must be so much more!!!! :) I am 5’4″ and always had my babies around 37 wks so I can’t empathize too much … but I do pray youll have a happy last few weeks/days….

    • http://sarah-proverbs226.blogspot.com/ Sarah Ronk

      This Tuesday I’ll hit my 37 week mark… I have a busy week thru TH so I’m thinking next weekend would be a GREAT time for this baby to join the fam! :-)

  • Catherine @ A Spirited Mind

    I was just having a conversation with a friend who also carries all out front about the lamentable shortness of maternity shirts. We think there ought to be an extra long or tall version to all the sizes. Because it’s not like my shoulders have grown out! I only have two shirts left that really cover my stomach but still fit in the shoulders and top. When I wear larger sizes, I feel like I’m swimming in vats of fabric. It’s a difficulty for sure.

    On kefir grains: a friend mailed me some once but they didn’t survive the trip. Or it may be that I’m just not skilled in keeping cultures going, because I was also unsuccessful with the kombucha mother my cousin gave me. And my yogurt cultures go watery really fast. Hm. Anyway, if you ever have some kefir grain overgrowth and are looking to unload the extras, I’d love to try them!

    • http://sarah-proverbs226.blogspot.com/ Sarah Ronk

      I do have extra kefir grains! Ill try to remember to bring them to book club TH.

  • Mamma James

    Good share Sarah! I loved reading this!! Lydia cracks me up too…kids are just too darn honest sometimes. :) This pregnancy shirt thing happened to me too and that’s where I loved those long, tight tanks. They covered my belly well. Glad you have your freezer desserts ready…it’s all about priorities! Ha! I can’t wait to see your kitchen color in person on Thursday! :)