2 months old

I’ve put my blog on the back burner for now. (Well, maybe it’s not even on the stove. Technically, it’s probably that pot you forgot about 2 days ago and now is so caked with leftovers you might have thought about throwing it away. OK, that analogy might have fallen apart.)

For now, if I post it will probably be quick little family updates as we are adjusting to a family of five. We have a fun summer planned with 5 camping trips booked! (And would you believe Lydia is the most excited about this!) And we are picking up our Y membership again to hit the pool as often as possible. (Also, Lydia can’t wait for this. She might ask me every day if she can just wear her swimsuit instead of clothes.)

Wednesday Isaac turned 10 weeks. I had to go count that on the calendar. I officially quit counting weeks at 8 weeks. It’s too much to keep track of and really no one else cares exactly how many weeks, right? When someone tells me their baby is 17 weeks or 34 weeks, I’m like, “I don’t even know what that means??” So month-counting it is for me!

I grabbed a few photos of when each of the kids were around 10 weeks old to compare and share:

almost 3 mo


I think it’s fairly easy to tell who is who. I see some similarities, but for the most part they each have their own look (and certainly their own expressions and personalities!) 

I’ve been spending my days enjoying these last newborn days of Isaac’s. He’s growing so fast, as they all do. I’ve backed down on everything I’m doing to be at the minimum. During Isaac’s nap time I give Aaron and Lydia my full attention (that they are craving!) and we read, play, clean or cook together. (If I don’t have us clean and cook together it wouldn’t get done. seriously. I tired it. When Isaac is awake we all hang out together and the big kids give Isaac some heavy lovin’ -sometimes a little TOO heavy. 😉 They can’t get enough of him!

Hope you enjoyed this little update and my very random thoughts thrown in. Aaron told me today my brain wasn’t working right when I couldn’t figure something out. (and proof that he might be correct, I can’t remember what it was?!) 😉

I’m off to finish this little bit of quiet time and grab a book to read while Isaac finishes his nap and the other kids are playing in the back with David. PTL for good weather finally! We’ve been letting them run wild outside ’till past their bedtime and enjoying the quiet of the morning as they SLEEP IN! (Honestly, didn’t think I’d get to the point of parenthood where my before 7 risers would sleep later!)

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