What I’m Into (May 2013)

It’s time to add an update here about the little things going on that I don’t want to forget 5, 10, 20 years from now… (Also, this is a tad long, I’m sorry in advance for all the scrolling. Bad blogger move, I know.)

TV & Movies:
My free time is pretty limited now but if we happen to catch a 30 min or hour block of time in the evening David and I have been watching old rerun shows we like on Netflix…
The Office (just season 2 lately… what a great season!)
Psych (light and always funny)
FRIENDS (always and forever, FRIENDS.) (Which, I’m sure, is going to show my age as the years go on and I’m still watching those reruns.)
My Boys (I’m sorry to say anything I might know about baseball is from this short little series (which isn’t saying much) I watched during many sleepless nights while pregnant. Despite my very unfamiliarity with baseball I enjoyed this series and watch an episode here an there still.)
Call the Midwife (I watched 1.5 episodes of this… I enjoyed the 1st book in this series. I think I’ve got too much going on right now to add new shows… hence all the reruns I’ve been watching)
Big Bang Theory (the only show we watch on tv… but…we are so spoiled by Netflix lack of commercials that we actually bought the current season from itunes.) (That sounds ridiculous now that I type that out. I’m so spoiled it’s sad.)

I don’t watch that much tv, geesh, that was a long list of shows. I really just watch one episode here and there from these series. Promise.

From The Bookshelf:
I enjoy reading books on my kindle or my phone, real actual paper books and listening to audiobooks. But right now reading books on my phone is by far the easiest and all I’m affectively accomplishing.

The Story Of Charles Ogilvie – Lamplighter book I have on my phone… slowly working through this one. It’s not a real page turner yet.

Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple: God’s Love Manifest in Molecules – I’m reading this with fellow oilers for a book club this summer. Chapter one we were to have read by today. I haven’t started it yet. Bad book clubber right here, I’m already behind! :-) If I’m allowed an excuse the book it a texbook 4 inches thick… well maybe not that big. But it’s awfully hard to hold while you are walking and rocking a baby to sleep.

A Homemade Life: Stories and Recipes from My Kitchen Table – loving this one!!! I guess you could say I’m slowly savoring this June book club book because I keep carrying it around the house hoping I’ll have 5 min here or there to read, but I don’t. Averaging 1 chapter every week. Yikes.

Well Fed: Paleo Recipes for People Who Love to Eat – Yes, it’s a cookbook. But I’m reading it. Made the Chocolate Chili today!

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle – I should probably take this one off my list. It’s my current audible book I’m working through but once I found out it’s pretty much sad for the rest of the story I’m not sure I want to finish it. Not in the mood to for a sad story right now. I gave in to all the hype about Kate Morton and just got The Distant Hours with my latest audible credit. I think I’ll just switch to that one and hope I don’t get burned.

Recently finished reading these books (on my phone):
A Year of Biblical Womanhood (3-4 stars-ish)
The “Do What You Can Plan” (my new way of life… just do what you can.)
Sparkly Green Earrings (Funny! Loved this 4.5 stars!)
Desperate (yep, I’m there, right what this book is talking about, pretty much in that desperate phase of motherhood.)

My Life:
Isaac turned three months today. We’re enjoying all his “talking” and smilies!

Thanks to my dad’s find, David starting building (refurbishing, you could say) a swingset/playset (what are those things called these days?) for this kids today with the help of his dad.

I’m slowly coming back around to the land of the alive and living. Baby #3 is/was much harder for me to bounce back from than #1 and #2. Last week I adjusted my diet and easily dropped 5 lbs. Shocked by that I’m for.sure. going to keep that up and add in some exercise this week. (I have two friends keeping me accountable! I’m ready to do this. I miss the old Sarah. Well, maybe the a-little-less-addicted-to-exercise-Sarah. Not the Sarah who was like a machine.)

Isaac isn’t giving me long night stretches of sleep at night like he used to, but he’s napping much better! Hip-hip-hooray for napping babies!

Random Things:

My brain isn’t that sharp right now to remember anything random to share. But I am listening to a very very old playlist I made years ago. Wow, some of these songs I don’t even remember! Old Jars of Clay and Michael W. Smith! Just wow.

I’m going to attempt the 7 minute exercise thing friends keep sharing with me. And maybe rotate that with the 8 minute one too. Crazy to think about coming from my history thinking anything less than (2) two hour workouts a day was slacking or P90x level intensity was of course necessary to call it exercising. My, how things change.

Around The House:
David and I have been experimenting with making some more products instead of buying them…

Toothpaste: we are playing with some different recipes. I’m a fan of any combination of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, a tiny bit of Young Living Thieves toothpaste and/or an essential oil (spearmint usually, or wintergreen.) Pretty sure my teeth are whiter. Don’t tell me if they aren’t. :-)

No poo. You know, that no shampoo method. We’ll I did it for about 2 months and something went wacky crazy and I got out of the shower a few days ago and my hair was about 9 TIMES greasier than when I got it. So I promptly grabbed my bottle of Aubrey Organics shampoo I still had left and lathered up. I had to be a quitter so I might go back to it, but after easily going through the “detox” phase I couldn’t handle THAT amount of gross hair feeling.

Oil pulling is next on my list. David does it. I’m still a little hesitant and afraid I’m going to gag.

Also around the house, I re-arranged the living room furniture. I’m a firm believer moving furniture needs to happen often. Ask my parents how often I rearranged my bedroom. In middle school I would draw house plans (with furniture!) just for fun.

In The Kitchen:
Finally I feel like even being in the kitchen again… I’ve had a strong aversion to cooking, baking… doing dishes since, oh, since about month 2 of my pregnancy. My poor family. Thank goodness for the Vitamix to make smoothies! It helps that I’m feeling better. My 24/7/40week back ache is slowly going away now too! And I’ve stopped dropping glass about twice a week on the tile floor! It’s the little things, really. Just a tip: NEVER put tile in your kitchen. Just say no.

Thanks Hopeful Leigh for the post “What I’m Into” idea! And if you stuck around and read all of this inner-monologue-thought-post, thank YOU!

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  • Gwynne Watkins

    Read to the end. You’re welcome!

    It was after about Episode 3 of Call the Midwife that I realized I was hooked. Just giving you fair warning. 😉

  • Catherine @ A Spirited Mind

    OK, how did you tweak your diet and lose 5 pounds? Inquiring mamas who are also having a hard time bouncing back want to know! I’m with you on exercise too–I was on exercise restrictions for the last three months of pregnancy, and now I feel totally out of shape and like I’m wearing prosthetic fat deposits like actors use. :) Normally I’m kind of an exercise junkie although not P90X, but like back to back Jillian Michaels for an hour or more with heavy weights…now I’m struggling to do about 20 minutes of walking and 3 pound weights feel heavy. Anyway, I’m interested to hear what you find works!