What I’m Into (September 2013)

I’ve got some plans brewing to dust off the old blog and show up here more often… until then I’ll update you a bit on how September is shaping up

TV & Movies:
Mid month I decided, in the middle of the day, (a rough day I might add) that we weren’t going to watch ANY TV FOR A MONTH! (In that moment I had instant flashback to The Bernstein Bears book Too Much TV -Did you read that as a kid?)  I really meant this just for the kids, but David and I haven’t watch much either.

Although, I admit getting highly distracted a few weeks ago with the Lizzie Bennet Diaries …thaaat I finished more quickly than I care to admit 😉

Now, I’m anxiously awaiting Emma Approved. October 7th. I marked the calendar. Also, Downton Abby, January 5th. It’s on the calendar.

From The Bookshelf:

I’m still in a super slow reading season right now. GoodReads tells me I’m 7 books behind schedule. But I’m not worried. Even if this season lasts until 2014 and I don’t meet my goal I’ve already read some fantastic books this year!

I preordered Emily Freeman’s new book! My to-read list is bursting with excellent reads all ready for me to get out of his reading-funk.

In a few weekends our book club is having our first retreat! (!!!!!) My buddy Isaac will be joining me but I still anticipated an awesome weekend of all the best things! We are renting a house on a lake in the Fall. Doesn’t that sound just perfect!

My Life/Family Life:
Me: I was a dummy and hurt my back pretty bad and have had a slow recovery over the past week. I new empathize with those with back pain so much more! Really. Now I see how a fully functioning back is nothing to not appreciate. And also, when it’s not fully functioning you sometimes are completely immobile.

The Kids: This month my two oldest got older. Six and Four now! Wow. The little man is now crawling, growing more teeth and as of today starting to pull himself up!

David: bicycling to work is still going well! (I’m actually pretty jealous of the two-a-day workout and all that quiet time. But honestly more excited for him then jealous… we’ll maybe 70/30) We’re saving for a replacement car for his current one and brainstorming about the possibility of going down to one car in the spring until we are ready to buy the next one. I think this could work! Are any of you out there a one car family?

The Fam: We had a little family reunion at Lake Erie early this month. Isaac loved it so much he didn’t feel like sleeping at night, sooo the trip is a bit of a blur now that I try to think back. But it was good to see family and the big kids had a blast!

Random Things:
I started my Fall teaching schedule on essential oils. It’s been fun preparing and creating new materials.

I missed my calling with graphic art. I also need to take some classes to make the computer do better what I want the it to do. Currently, I do it the super slow way I’m sure! The monthly Photoshop/Illustrator things has me intrigued. But first I need to learn how to use them. (Any of you know of online classes or books I could find to learn those programs? I use Gimp right now. I don’t know short cuts and I’m pretty sure the things I do know in Gimp don’t transfer over directly.)

Also, in the random category I really do think I am a seasonal blogger. Last year I wrote for the whole month of October on our book club. Then pretty much stopped. This October I’m joining The Nester again and blogging about some of my favorite “essential oils and more.” Seasonal blogging, is that a thing?

Around The House:
Isaac. yep, he’s moving all around the house now.

Other than that, I’m starting to think about winter and how to keep the house warm. Fortunately/unfortunately we need a new back door before it gets cold out. (Ya!! shopping!! Boo. I’d rather spend the money on flooring.)

This weekend is the 2 year anniversary of when we bought this house. Yes. I have this on the calendar so I can celebrate in my own little way. Usually it means just reminiscing and looking through old photos.

Two years and a month ago when I first walked into this house I said. “NO. This flooring is too ugly, we can’t buy this house.” Before I even had stepped in two feet. By the end of the second walk through that my husband and realtor dragged me to I asked them to explain why they think we should pick this one. Obviously, they convinced me. But. The floor is still ugly. And ugly apparently is low on the priority list when the doors are rotting and gush cold air.

In The Kitchen:
I’m slowly making my way back into the kitchen. You know, doing more of the whole food, grain soaking, from scratching cooking/baking… after a very long rough season of just-gettin-by-here’s-some-food thing I was doing to my family. Three kids has been an adjustment for me. Not bad. Just e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. is different.

I hate writing long posts so I’ll stop here. Hope my inspiration sticks with me and I can join up for my 31 days of oils and more series!

(I also hate writing posts with no photos, but here I’m doing it again! I’m just all sorts of not myself lately!)

Thanks Hopeful Leigh for the post “What I’m Into” idea!

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  • Catherine @ A Spirited Mind

    We were a one car family for several years until Sarah was born (and we realized after bringing her home from the hospital that our plan for putting three carseats across the back of the Civic wasn’t actually going to work). It took more logistical planning, but I think it was doable because at the time I didn’t have many places to go (kids were very small and I wasn’t in any homeschool or church groups or doing work meetings) and for much of that time Josh was working from home or had a very predictable schedule. With David biking to work, you could probably get by with one car, if you were willing to drive him or stay home on days with inclement weather or whatever. It might be worth a try to see if you save money and hassle!

    • http://sarah-proverbs226.blogspot.com/ Sarah Ronk

      Ooh thanks for the encouragement!! I’m thinking it really might be pretty doable, esp., since we are thinking it will just be for a “season.” He always works from home one day a week, and I think I can arrange my schedule to stay home or drive him when needed. The insurance on a car that just sits it annoying. (Not to mention all the repairs it just needed!) I’m thinking waiting out the winter before committing to this plan might make it a better way to ease into the new routine, since biking in the winter might be tricky to do regularly.

  • Something Sew Beautiful

    My husband & I are in our 2nd season of being a 1 car household. Honestly, I love it! He just began biking to work last week & I plan to start Monday. But I truly love the extra time & quality conversations we share while driving together!