• http://dogfuranddandelions.com/ Elizabeth @ DogFur&Dandelions

    Here’s something that’s probably a basic question… why can’t oils be used in plastic bottles?

    • sarah

      I’m so sorry somehow I missed seeing that you commented! Please forgive me for this gigantically late response!! Essential oils are detoxing by nature, especially these that have no fillers or solvents used during the distillation process are very good at their detoxing job. :-) Just like they will help pull toxins from our body they will pull toxins out of plastic… so in a water bottle you’d be drinking those toxins! In a spray bottle the plastic “innards” of the spray mechanics will be compromised and the bottle will no longer spraying (unless you add the epsom salts first) They will also just plain start dissolving certain plastics so it’s best to store the bottles upright so they aren’t laying with the oils touching the lid.