What’s on YOUR bookshelf? (link-up)


I’m joining Anne and some others tonight to share a glimpse of some of our book shelves.


I have a problem loaning out books… yes, I think books are meant to be read and shared with others but now I’m missing some of my very favorites and I have no idea who I loaned them too. (Yeah, I know there is a simple solution to this to write it down first but usually I’m so giddy to be sharing a book the idea to write it down flies right out my head.) My Name is Asher Lev… where are you?


I used to want to keep all copies of all the book club books we’ve read… then I realized I was a bit of a crazy-head. And now the books are often on audible, my kindle or from the library.

I’m not sure I’ll make it to my 3rd reading goal this year. The first was to read 20something, then I bumped it up to 60 (!!!) and now it’s down to 50. Baby #3 has me all sort of mixed up on knowing how much time I have to read.


Here’s a peak at my littlest man’s book shelf (all ready to be primed… but I haven’t picked a color yet)

His books have been well loved on by the two big kids… now to keep him from “loving” on them too much. (#booksarenotfood #wellnotLiteralfood)

Maybe another time I’ll share some of our picture book collection. I’m skipping it for this link-up because they are scattered around the house! But all the better for reading them, right?!

Thanks for stopping in to take a peak. I keep my GoodReads shelves fairly up to date if you want to see more books I’m into and reading these days.

For now I’ll leave you with a stack of a few of my “currently-reading” books photo (9)

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  • http://daysliketheseblog.com/ Allie Rasmussen

    Coming over from the link up. Love your books. I spy lots of great titles! I am hoping to pick up A Million Little Ways soon.

  • Katie

    We have the same problem with remembering books are not food! My baby straight up bites chunks off board books and eats them.

  • Sarah Kerner

    Wow — your bookshelves are organized almost exactly like mine, with very similar topics! How is that Tapas book in your current-reads stack? I studied abroad in Spain during college and I still love to read about it. We have lots of chewed-up kids books at my house, too. =)

  • http://www.hearthandhomefront.blogspot.com/ Moira @ Hearth and Homefront

    Have you seen the board book called Books are for Reading, Not Eating? I got it as a gift at a baby shower and it has been well loved by my boys! I love how you organized your shelves and I see lots of my favorites there too :)

  • Adriana @ Classical Quest

    I spy The Well Educated Mind! (I’m working through that on my blog.) I also have To Kill a Mockingbird on my bookshelf. I should have Farmer Boy on my shelf as well since it’s my favorite of the Little House books. We have a copy somewhere.

    Took a look at your “Broadened Horizons Book Club” — How fun!

  • Anne Bogel

    I understand why you think you might be a crazyhead to want to keep all your book club books–BUT that is such a cool shelf and category to have!

    Love your collection–thanks for showing us your shelves!

  • Kelly Mantoan

    I re-read ‘The Read Aloud Handbook’ every fall before we start school. Definitely one of my favorites and something I highly recommend.
    And I always loan out my favorites and later forget who has what. I don’t know how many time I started a Facebook status with, “Does anyone have my copy of…”

  • http://justoneoftheboys.com/ Ginger L

    Oooh! What a lovely collection you have! I spot some of my favorites on your shelves – and a few titles that I need to add to my GoodReads list ASAP! :) Thank you so much for sharing your collection!

  • Wendy McConnell

    Oh! I have My Name Is Asher Lev!!!!!!!!

  • Wendy McConnell

    meaning that I have your copy! :) Sorry I’ve kept it so long! I’ll return it the next time I’m in Indy! I’ve missed you all at book club lately. Hopefully I’ll be able to come up for the Christmas party…