What I’m Into {January 2014}

umm… What I WAS into {January}

Looking back at January here’s a bit of what’s been going on around here:

My Life/Family Life:Random Things:
Wow. 2014. Seems like it can’t possibly be that year! For real. I think I really am turning “old” this year. Wasn’t it just 1999?

Me: I wrote a pretty long and details new set of goals -more life goals, not so much New Years resolutions. Then I divided them up into categories, then into steps to read those goals. (Yep, I was a little goal crazy.) January was spent working on trying those steps and experimenting what I can incorporate the bite size steps now and what needs to go on the back burner. Right now a big focus is finding margin. And then not immediately filling it.

I’m in a new phase now that Isaac is 11 months. (Much cheering was heard!) Buuuut, I am still adjusting to having THREE little people who need ever so much time and attention. (For those of you with more than three, you are my hero.) The amount of “free time” for me to do other activities beyond family, kids, and house care is tiny at this point. I’m a leader in the Bold Year Challenge heading up the book club portion of the challenge -I know. Right? Go figure. (There has been a book club intervention for me. And they were right. I was in too many book clubs. I’ve cut it back to 3….. maybe 4. But don’t tell!)

Also. I never spell challange, challenge? right the first time.

So all that to say, I’ve dropped back to not being involved in as many things as I hoped to take part in. It’s just not in this season of my life. (This also means I’m not going to the Young Living Convention. But I’m OK with that. Another time. I’m also experiment with not doing laundry. But my family keeps telling me that’s just not doing to work.)

The fam: Isaac is almost 1 and moments away from walking! I think he secretly knows how to walk but his red-hair stubbornness tells him to just go ahead and keep being carried. Lydia got a cat costume from the neighbors. She’s been a cat for days. Today she wanted whiskers. So, of course, my eyeliner pencil and I obliged. (She’s perfectly fine with my no laundry plan. Cat every day? She says OK!) Aaron continues to ever impress us with his creativity and building skills. Several times a day he drops everything and will go build something new out of Legos, or Zoobs, or Straws and Connecters. Can’t wait to see what he grows up to be! (He’s also getting too tall too fast!) David is still finding days to bike in to work. Even with this Polar Vortex!

TV & Movies:
I’ve really backed off watching much TV. But SHERLOCK. Go watch it if you don’t know what I’m talking about! BBC: You’re my favorite. We previously had been watching Downton Abby, but have been busy and haven’t started this season yet. Maybe I’ll catch it later, but from the little I’ve heard I’m not sure I want to even get into it. Sounds rough.

From The Bookshelf:
I’ve been busy previewing and skimming books for the Bold Book Club for the year. I’d like to get them all selected and matched up with each month’s theme soon so I can get down to the business of reading them. So thankful we live so close to the library.

My Audible app is queued up to The Three Musketeers for my book club for February, and when I get in the mood for something else I switch to Dad is Fat. Highly recommend them both!

Around The House:
PSA: Never put tile in a kitchen. Just don’t. I’ve sure I’ve said it before, but the moment, yes, the very moment I stepped into our now house while house-hunting I backed up a little and said “No.” The tile is not my taste and I KNOW that it would be too much of a headache to remove it. (Can you even imagine removing it?!) But here we are 2.5 years later of living with this tile… but so much closer to having saved up to fix this problem. Yep. It’s a problem. Do you even know how many times a dish or glass falls or gets dropped and SHATTERS in to BILLIONS of pieces, shooting from one end of the house to the other. I’m not kidding. Well, maybe, it’s millions not billions. Then it’s at least 40 min of clean up. And still, twice glass has gotten in someone’s foot. Let’s just say it’s been traumatic.

I’ve been scheming new plans and pinning like crazy gearing up for the next big step in our kitchen remodel. (technically I think the pantry and a few cabinet additions are next, but the resident contractor and husband is the boss of this part. Then the beloved new flooring will soon follow.)  It’s probably still months before the real work gets underway but I’ve keep myself busy drawing the changes and decorating in my head. I love figuring out new ways to make our space work for us. I’ve recently come up with a new idea! Maybe I’ll post about it later. Let’s just say after my 5 ideas for different pantry options I’ve moved onto the island… I mean continent.

In The Kitchen:
I met with some friends and had the first, of what I hope to be many, Kraut Club meetings! We gathered and made Kimchi together. I’ve made basic fermented things plenty of times but I can’t wait to glean more from these other ladies who are pro with ferments!

The Bold Challenge also has plenty of food portions. January was yogurt. David is king yogurt maker in this house, but we’ve cut way way back on dairy and it seems to suit everyone.

What Coming Up:
Much homeschool planning and research. The convention is at the end of April but a friend or two and I are re-looking in to our options and what will fit our families best.

I think we’ll have a small first birthday for a certain little boy. (Feb is also David’s and my birthday! Party month!)

Also some plans in are in the works to step up our book club! I’ve recently found some new inspiration for our monthly discussions!!

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