A Simple Woman’s Daybook {July 2015}

I think I’m averaging blogging about 5 times a year, so I think it’s time for a post…

Outside my window… beautiful and sunny! (Update: this post has taken me awhile to write…. but it’s still beautiful and sunny!!)

I am wondering… if I’m forgetting anything to put on my to-do list. #busyweek

I am appreciating… the current season, although it’s ever changing. We are in a good groove with school, we’ve got one more potty trained, and the littlest is a pro-napper right now. Thankful for all the little things even when some days are h.a.r.d.

I am thinking… David, Eden, and I heading out for a long weekend away. Much prepping the house/food, and other three kids for us to be away.

I am going… to the YL convention! 3 days of learning, could I BE more excited? Nope!

I am looking forward to… a little get away* and learning tons about God’s plan for our health.

*I rarely ever leave. David watches the kids so I can go away with my book club for our annual retreat weekend (minus the youngest usually.) And for the homeschool convention one year. But the last time David and I went away we only had two kids, Aaron was 4 and Lydia was 2!

I am reading… not much lately. During the summer I was plowing through books and audiobooks. Now that we are on week 5 of school… my personal reading time is shifted to more read alouds and teaching time. I have so many books started I just want to binge read for three days staright <3 but I can settle for little pockets of time for right now :-) (Although when I try to read before bed I fall asleep at page 1.5!)

Here’s a few I’m looking forward to starting &/or finishing:
OOLA Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World (saving to start on the plane ride!)
All The Light We Cannot See (started, but not finished)
To Kill A Mockingbird (I’m reading this with a Round Robin book club -how fun is that!!!)

A few I’ve just finished and LOVED:
The Aroma of Worship: A 14 day Journey With Your Essential Oils and Your Bible (‘cmon right?!!! Who else has read this?! You KNOW this is one I’m shouting about from the rooftops!! Bible oils are WHY I LOVE essential oils!)
Mr. Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore (just lots of fun!)
The Rosie Project (made me laugh out loud. Not a comedy book, but still I’d recommend)
Happiness for Beginners (aww what a great little book…. I’m a huge Jane Austen fan, so I mean this as a compliment but it slightly reminds me of Persuasion!) Have you read it?!

In the kitchen… I’m doing some bulk baking and food prepping so while I’m away and my sister’s with the kids she can be in full FUN_AUNT mode and not worried about breakfast, lunch, and dinner…. and all the times in between that they are BEGGING for food b/c they *think* they are starving! :-O But seriously. It’s how it is. (Oh and also, because doing anything in the kitchen with my 2 yr old is all sorts of “fun”… and he also wakes up as 6:30. I have a feeling she’s going to be more tired than she’s anticipating. 😉 )

I’m wearing… shorts and a tee. #Whole30 for the win! Shorts that did not fit about 30 days ago! (Whole 30 is something I’d suggest to almost everyone!! SO so good. And for way more than what the scale says. #Itsnotaboutthescale)

I’m creating… a school schedule based on 6wk terms. (6ish depending on how things fall) With one week off between each for me to prep for the next 6wks of school… and meal plan… and work on my konmari stages… and time for me to focus and regroup. Since we school mostly year around taking this many breaks puts us way over the 180 day requirement and I think it will help me stay above water while juggling a newborn and a high energy 2 year old. 😀

I am listening… well, I started The Truth According to Us as an audio book b/c it came up first from reserve from the library, but I think I’d rather read this one. I also have The Sharper the Knife the Less you cry on Overdrive audio from the library but I’m not sure I’ll have time to get to this.

I’m learning… that this introvert (ME!) needs to get out of the house. It used to be that I did best not leaving the house too often….. but now, with 4 kids, I need quiet and calm, that I just can’t get at home. Thank goodness my friend introduced me to hot yoga. 90 mintues with no music and no talking, PLUS an excellent detoxing exercise. YES.PLEASE! If I could I would go every.single.day. But for now about twice a week I can make it.

One of my favorite things… the smell of oils on my baby! My favorite? Peace and Calming of course 😉 #alwaysafavorite Also, windows open with a cool breeze!

I am studying… James. A group is doing a Precept study on James later this Fall, but I don’t know if I can commit to it yet. So for now, I’m reading it daily. #Preceptsaremyfavoritestudies

In the schoolroom… we are finishing our summer term this week. (This one is a 5 week term.) So far we’ve started: All About Reading, Living Math (and xtramath.com), A Reason For Handwriting, Character Building (this term it is “Attentive”), and half way through the term we also started Explode the Code. (Not including all the morning time things! -some of my favs!) Isaac (almost 2.5) is starting the 1000 books before Kindergarten challenge. Aren’t picture books so fun?!! Next term we start up the Mystery of History 2 and Swimming Creature of the 5th Day with Apologia. (I forget what else…)

A few plans for this week… hot yoga, finish packing, finish lovely laundry and food prep for while we’re gone, and lots of deep breaths.

I apologize for the typos… I’m just going to post, everyone’s up from naps!

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